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Ellen Kemad

Born in Ireland. Lives in: Leicester
De Montfort University

The main focus of my work is the environment; initially investigating through collage using found and purchased materials by layering; they are a reflection of the life in that environment. Exploring the tiers of my immediate location; the unconscious rhythmic and percussive elements seem to suggestion an untold narrative, a story, a song, an ocular translation of the frequencies that surround us every day. Using material from the environment is an important component of the work it is a link to a comment on society and how we live acting as a kind of archaeology. Layering the material simulates what happens naturally in the environment the build-up of the surface; sometimes allowing the layer below to be visible, each layer capturing the stuff of life between it.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

Exploring a new and unfamiliar environment. Building up a body of work that investigates my initial reaction and the narrative of my journey in becoming familiar with the surroundings, using some materials found in that environment to explore the location, responding to the atmosphere, rhythms, narrative and life within the setting through the process of collage, drawing painting and photographs.

My Artworks (6)

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