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Nina Garstang

Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Brighton
Royal College of Art

The position between what is real and what is not intrigues me, pushing the view of an object to the point where it loses its identity. When this happens it reveals an altered view of the object, a view that could be looking to the universe or deep inside the body. A place where what we know is bent into another reality, by simply taking a different view. My work explores this place in theta waves of consciousness where anything is possible to the minds eye.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

In the works of the installation Theta Fields I study this place through elements that make a painting. Faithfully painting light through the medium of coloured liquids to create a representation of surface. All the moving image (video) elements are in conversation with the tradition of the trompe l'oeil painting.

Being a New Sensation would give me the opportunity to be far more ambitious with my ideas. For the show I would like to further my investigation into live light projected installation. The challenges the exhibition space presents, would give me a great opportunity to explore differing perspectives and angles with in my work.

My work deals with the everyday, and light. It is these elements I would like to explore further, incorporating the architectural form of the space, making it an integral part of the work.

My Artworks (5)

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