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Abigail Lipski

Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London
Wimbledon College of Art

I paint invented interiors and landscapes that house objects and figures contemplating their liminality between the real and imagined. An ambiguity of time and place casts the net wide to childhood daydreams and dislocated memories of absence, loss and belonging. Source material is a mixture of found imagery, personal photographs, newspaper cuttings, books and the internet, stimulating ghost-like memories and creating a lexicon of clues. Cross fertilisation may occur with references from one painting appearing in another in the form of colour, shape, object or figure suggesting glimpses into an interior world.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

On a small scale (say 30 x 40 cm) I would like to make several works in oil on board that reflect my current practice of object/figure in an imagined landscape based upon recollections of the place of my birth (a house within Epping Forest), Wanstead Park (a part of Epping Forest) where I spent a large part of my childhood and the dislocated memories of adventures in my Granddad's garden.

This series of paintings would connect as a whole with the intention of taking the viewer on a journey to an elusive 'other' world of shifting patterns and mutating identities.

My Artworks (4)

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