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Aisling Kane

Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Belfast
University of Ulster

I recently graduated from University of Ulster with a BA Hons Photography. I am interested in conceptual portraiture and aim to make people think differently with my work. For my degree show I produced a series of short photographic stories about the area I grew up in. Feeling like it was constantly misrepresented in the media, I looked at the parallel narratives that run alongside political tensions which get the majority of press coverage. With James Joyce's The Dubliners as my inspiration I placed the everyday lives of my subjects on a platform and made the unimportant precious. I also looked at the work of Dutch and Flemish painters such as Johannes Vermeer who placed his subjects in interior spaces bathed in natural light. I plan to continue this work alongside my other projects for an extended period of time with the hope that it will eventually be a substantial body of work. Of the three projects that I used in my degree show; Drawing Breath, Virgin Territory and Calling Off the... [more]

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

The work I would like to make as part of the New Sensations is an exploration into the decline of the porn industry. I have become extremely interested in how society around us is accelerating at an alarming rate and am curious to the detriment of whom. With websites similar to Youtube, consumers of pornographic material are now expecting their content for free. Where does this leave the so-called stars of the porn industry? What was once an extremely well paid term of employment, especially for women, is now showing a rapid decline with the stars being paid less and less for sacrificing their private lives to the camera. Although the project needs research and development I want to look at religious imagery in classical painting and also am extremely interested in the other areas of employment that porn stars have gone into in order to earn a living as they too have had to adapt to an evolving society at an accelerated rate.

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