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Alex Widdowson

Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London
Loughborough University

This animation/instillation appropriates the medium to battle against stigma and wash away the past sins of the industry. Disney’s frequent and caricatured depictions of mental illness have reinforced damaging stereotypes for generations of children and informed negative attitudes present in adulthood. First-hand experiences of psychosis have provided a unique opportunity to create an honest and informed portrayal of insanity. Animation is most effective when distorting reality. The viewer is allowed a glimpse through the gates of perception normally restricted to the visions of a shaman in the grips of religious ecstasy or the feverish deliriums of a raving madman.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

I aim to extend my exploration into shifting perceptions of reality though 2D hand drawn animation. I have written a script where four characters interpret their surroundings, each other and a common narrative through the guise of various moving image genres. A Private Investigator will sift through the black and white smog of a Film Noir metropolis, as his assistant perceives their case to be an epic medieval fantasy adventure. The female lead observes her circumstances as a sleek Lichtenstein-esk romance drama. A fourth supporting oddball character exits in a pulsating world of early 20th Century animation.
The project can potentially take two directions. The first option is to integrate the four realties in one where the drawing aesthetic will metamorphose from one motif to another as narrative emphasis switches between characters. The second option is to create four separate animations that are entirely synchronized. They would be displayed in a four-screened instillation allowing the viewer to decipher the parallel realities independently.

The total work last roughly 3 minuets. This ambitious project is a similar in scale and technical difficulty to my previous work. The early stages of development are well on the way. Depending on which display option I chose it could be finished by early September 2012.

My Artworks (2)

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