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Born in Korea, Republic of. Lives in: London
chelsea college of art and design

I am interested in word because people generally use some words to illustrate something or someone, even a certain situation. A used special word has various meanings and can be accepted differently through individual experience. So, I always have a main question about what is truth or not when people explain something. Hence, my work is mainly composed of simple word and its meaning can be changed by audience. For my work, I often use sound, sculpture and film.

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Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

I would like to express about various emotion of pain. People have uncountable experience or memories about pain respectively. So, I want to present about pain with various material and color.
There will exist simple word in space, PAIN. However, the word will be composed by various objects such as book, car, picture of x-girl or boy friend because every one can has different experience or memory about each pain. Through the word of PAIN, I want to show various moments about pain. According to audience, pain can become a kind of enjoyment or it can remain just pain.

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