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Dan Williams

Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Glasgow
Glasgow School of Art

I travel not to see things, but for the movement and the isolation. As photographers and as artists we must question what it is we can offer and I venture only that my being as a photographer is a compulsion based on my desire to observe and an attempt to make sense of and to draw attention to the quiet moments that pass us by, a luxury I'm afforded by my contentment in solitude.

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Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

Though I make constantly, the main body of my work is made when I am travelling. My process is to travel somewhere unfamiliar and to simply exist there. Most recently I spent three months alone in Japan, speaking neither the language nor knowing anyone out there. Furthermore I had just £300 for the entire time. Imposing these sorts of conditions upon oneself means that you cannot simply go somewhere and make holiday snaps, nor are you in the state of mind to do so. The alienation and solitude, coupled with the enforced conditions allow a work to manifest that is fundamentally different to photos that would be made otherwise, and while it is by no means a comfortable way of making photographs it is the way I prefer. Should I be chosen as one of the New Sensations I would use the opportunity for a new trip, to go somewhere new and continue making work the way I know how.

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