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Emma Critchley

Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Brighton
Royal College of Art

My practice is an enquiry into what happens to us, as land-based mammals when we become immersed underwater. When submerged beneath the surface our basic structure of being changes. We become suspended in a threshold state, held within a fragile, transitory temporality sustained by the breath. In this place, detached from the everyday, the senses shift. Inhabiting this space necessitates both a physical and mental realignment. Here the breath, an otherwise reflexive function, becomes heightened. The interruption of this silent yet rhythmical exchange is a reminder of the subtle fragility of life.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

I am interested in the shift in sound that occurs when immersed underwater and how frequencies and vibrations are experienced. I would like to make a video piece that explores sound as a physical entity, something that is seen and felt as well as heard, that plays with the relationship between the subject and their bodily sounds. In working with the reflective image that lies on the under side of the water’s surface, I want to explore how the physicality of sounds created by the subject interacts with their image.

My Artworks (5)

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