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James Stewart

Born in Taiwan. Lives in: London
University for the Creative Arts

I'm a British/Chinese photographic artist who grew up in Taiwan, United States and UK, with a particular focus on documentary and editorial. My recent work explores an important observation made concerning the subconscious in photography. For this project, I centre on the issue of the pose as an impediment to the expression of oneself and gave my subjects their freedom of choice to present themselves in their habitual postures, in a relaxed environment where they feel sufficiently secure to reveal their unpretentious faces.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

If I was chosen as one of the New Sensations, I would like to produce a new work that continues to explore the subconscious in photography. I'm fascinated in trying to capture unpretentious moments of people reacting towards the camera's presence. How can we capture a genuine picture these days if our natural reaction is to pose and be ready for the camera - much like an actor? How does people's preparation and aftermath looks like? Could these other moments reveal the uniqueness of individuals?

For my new project, I would use both video and photography to illustrate how each of our reactions towards the camera could differ - showing some expressions that we don't even know is happening while we are getting in our pose in front of the camera.

My Artworks (5)

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