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Jessica Meyer

Born in Germany. Lives in: Falmouth
University College Falmouth

I am interested in the potential of experience to encourage an individual to pause and assess the present moment. Using natural light and subtle shifts in materiality I create spaces that are both ephemerally beautiful and directly confronting. The formal qualities of a cone have been fundamental to my work recently, the point of a cone is always the same regardless of its capacity or circumference. A cone is direct and can lead the eye, yet the suggestion remains open ended.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

Our capacity to perceive expands beyond our awareness to comprehend it.
The internal and the unsaid are as much in transition as the passing of time.

Following this statement I would like to embrace scale and develop seamless structures allowing me to make both my wax and paper cones bigger and more physically challenging.

Light and transparency are fundamental to my use of material, particularly in contrast to my formal use of shape. This material/physical juxtaposition creates a divide in the viewers experience and suggests time is taken to reflect on the conflict. The conflict is a separation of feeling and thinking, intuition and intellect. Through observation and reflection we are able to reconnect this separation.

My Artworks (3)

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