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Junghee Shin

Born in Korea, Republic of. Lives in: London
chelsea Collage of Art

In this society where the false turns to the true and the true is hidden beyond the false, how are the people living like? In this work, original photos turn to totally different independent photos by placing objects like toys on the photos which I took already, and then the final outcomes became to have new spaces. By using the toys, I made a confusion society which some part of them in photos; there is neither perfect truth nor perfect falsehood; the confusion would not be noticed at a glance, yet it did not seem too true to make viewers think it was real without doubt.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

Nowadays toys have been being used as a main object on my work because I found a huge attraction from them as one of the greatest social objects that have a lot of meanings. Thus I will keep using some toys or small figures, and I will try not only photography but also other various expression ways like installation art and drawing. I, however, will keep making artworks about confusion which are caused by ambiguous boundary between truth and falsehood same as before.
Also I am interested in humour, funny things. Thus I have some plan to make story based on newspaper articles. The story will be also about fiction and reality. Actually this main concept will not be changed for a while.

My Artworks (5)

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