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Laura Banks

Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Bournemouth
Arts University College Bournemouth

We naturally measure human experience through the things we touch, see, and hold, having the ability and inclination to persuade inanimate objects to be our partners in experiences. In a landscape and a place a person acquires habitual knowledge of things and bodily relationships form with objects to help guide them through the social space. It is these markers in the landscape that I focus my drawing. My practice has always had draftsmanship at its core, by depicting an object in meticulous detail; I aim for the viewers to reacquaint themselves with this experience, showcasing signposts and road signs as individual products of a community.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

I would like to create a piece of work that continues to challenge the viewer’s interpretation of an object from the innate learnt experience.

Progressing my investigations from the exterior landscape to the interior, I wish to examine certain objects functionality that has seen the object progress from the origin of the designers/makers intended purpose. In our ever-increasing digital age the need of some objects become obsolete as a new piece of technology or style replaces it. Yet they still have a place in our homes the materiality and history becoming sentimental. A grand Victorian serving dish as a soap holder, for instance, I am not looking for bold examples, but subtle and reflective ones that will compliment a fastidious drawing technique.

By producing a series of drawings, I aim to draw out the agency of the objects in forming human experiences and shaping cultural forms and historical changes.

My Artworks (2)

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