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Miranda Pissarides

Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London
Slade School of Fine Art, UCL

I have recently graduated from Slade School of Fine Art, BA. During my BA I have been in the painting department; my sculptural forms evolved from my paintings. I am currently using materials to convey feelings of desire and repulsion. In life and work, I am drawn to materials suggesting tactility, indulgence, and repulsion. I am drawn to the idea of something malleable which might petrify, crack, or rot. My forms are made from household materials such as expanding foam and domestic debris, manipulating and adding to them as they transform.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

I would like to create two figurative forms that relate and interact with each other and the exhibition space, setting and location. One form would be tall, thin, yellow: the ‘adult’. The other would be shorter, wider, pink: the ‘child’. Both sculptures would stand on a base with (small) wheels, enabling them to move with ease and be able to communicate with each other. Aesthetically it is not important for the wheels to be seen, though it would give them a sense of elation.
I would use wooden armature and expanding foam as the bulk of both forms. While malleable, I would like to touch and manipulate the foam, combining a handmade and machine induced surface. Rather than using studio debris and objects as with my previous work, I would like to focus entirely on the colour, surface and texture of the two forms. I would use fluorescent yellow and pink pigments, as well as other more subtle tones, to disguise the egg-white colour of the foam. As well as applying some of the paint with my hands, I would also use a spray gun dispenser, so that I could make my own specific colours and spray them directly onto the surface. I would also like to experiment with polyester holographic glitter and phosphorescent pigments.
I would like the forms to be in between ridiculous and sincere. I want them to be serious, in their parent and child status, yet also camp, garish and humorous, in their end appearance.

My Artworks (4)

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