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Rebecca Ounstead

Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Nottingham
Nottingham Trent

Lured into a fetishistic play; materials beckon to be teased and manipulated, fluffed up and glossed. Swathes of organza lick cool steel. Absorbents long to remain sodden, tantalizing delicately soft faux furs, in jeopardy of becoming sullied. Framing devices are created using large imposing structures, capturing close ups of moments of intimacy, where the material’s flirtation or perversity is exposed. They protrude and straddle. Movement activates the work, suggestive of a lustful touch, or lovers caress. The work endeavours to stimulate an aesthetic pleasure as well as titillate the observer.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

As an extension of my current exploration of 'activating sculpture', the next series of works will incorporate a live performer. New Sensations would provide me with the opportunity to hire and collaborate with a suitable performer, further exploring the idea of activating and inhabiting the sculptures.
Having a performer inhabit this fabricated space, that references commodity culture, will directly reference a consumer and an observer, which previously has only existed on the outside of this environment (the work), as the viewer.

The performer could exist as 'the fluffer' or perhaps as an occupant, without particular 'tasks' to carry out. It will be precisely choreographed, with every aesthetical aswell as behavioural detail being orchestrated. The performer is made equal to the sculptures, a continuation of surface, colour, movement, material. Raising questions about our desires, and our relationship to objects.

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