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Rosie Farrell

Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London
Chelsea College of Art & Design

My sculpture, sound-works, video, and performance work, draw from a kaleidoscopic field of identities and histories. It’s fair to establish that my work engages with the mutability of forms and systems, subjecting the immaterial and material, as well as my own previous works, to a continuous process of transformation. In borrowing images and references from different sources, I seek to re-mix their content or format in unusual ways.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

Being one of the New Sensations will challenge me to be more ambitious with my scultpure, video and sound-works and to explore intermixing them even further.

I intend to amplify current works through a more rigorous process in which they themselves become the material for a series of further translations. I am keen to continue to pursue collaboration within this process, having previously worked with a dancer, poet and physicist. To experiment with folding in references from commercial advertising, broadcasting and the internet by working with actresses and voiceovers, and content found online to produce video and scultural pieces. I intend to construct a hybrid mix of displaced elements that creates a strange yet almost melancholic media critique.

My Artworks (4)

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