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Rosie Thomson-Glover

Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Falmouth
University College Falmouth

A Bond film breakdown 1) opening sequence, possibly the highlight of the whole entire film. 2) The titles, all sexy shiny pulsating bond girls gliding about the place. 3) A journey occurs and the slightly boring meat of the story happens. 4) Bed calls, alone or with someone else. I've taken Flemings words and given them to a motley crew of Bondgirls rehearse their new monologues. Extracted from Fleming’s text and disentangled from their mythical role as part of the British zeitgeist, I can see them, and they are rich, bleeding sexuality, colour. My work with Fleming’s novels can be summed up as a curious, accidental collaboration between two ill-suited people, 60 years apart.

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Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

Love bordering on obsession for the characters in the Bond novels have driven my work for the past few years. Text, performance and doctoring how the performances are documented are the tools which i use to dissect the stories.
If selected as one of the new sensations i would like to carry on working in this vein, juggling my three tools and taking my bond girls on a journey, perhaps its time they left Fleming's literary world and floated into a new one. I have a feeling that Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot and The Girls have a date with destiny...

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