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Russell Morton

Born in Singapore. Lives in: London
Camberwell College of the Arts

Russell Morton first began his career as a filmmaker in Singapore, working mostly in the corporate and commercial sector. Morton worked together with local visual artist, Ho Tzu Nyen and thus began his foray into the contemporary art world. After spending a year under the tutelage of Ho, Morton began creating Video Art of his own. Morton’s films have been at several group shows and festivals, notably, the Athens Video Art Festival and the Deptford film festival. Morton’s interests are in the process or transformation from the written word into a visual scene, often surrounding the themes of human sensations.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

“The great pleasure of ignorance is, after all, the pleasure of asking questions”

- The pleasures of ignorance by Robert Lynd

This new art work is a short film which aims to study the contrast of ethics between the hunger and stability of knowledge versus the blind bliss of floating in ignorance. I am questioning the existence of a marriage of these two ideas. Through a film, I create a scenario where a conversation takes place between the personification of KNOWLEDGE and IGNORANCE.

KNOWLEDGE is personified by a large woman. I am not interested in the social aspect represented by weight or largeness, rather, I am interested in the “heaviness” and “grounded” sensations presented in knowledge or the acquirement of it.

Ignorance is portrayed by a physically opposing character, ie; a tall, lanky male. Ignorance floats in the air with the aid of balloons.

In the scenario, we discover the large woman, KNOWLEDGE, consuming the earth that she lays upon. She noticed a figure floating above her; IGNORANCE and turns to address him. KNOWLEDGE begins to shout a single incomprehensible word at IGNORANCE. At each shout, a balloon pops, thus causing IGNORANCE to sink slowly towards the earth. Eventually, as KNOWLEDGE continues to shout, all balloons are popped, thus grounding IGNORANCE. KNOWLEDGE and IGNORANCE address each other and embrace. We end the film with a shot of their feet slowly floating out of the scene.

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