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Seung Ah Paik

Born in Korea, Republic of. Lives in: London

My paintings illustrate images of my body from a diverse range of visual perspective. They express my ego and they also offer familiar visual perspective for viewers to empathize. By subtly combining images from diverse perspectives, they become uncanny. I treat my body as a reconstructed object rather than a self-image, in order to question the distance between the artist myself and the created image. Skin and texture are another important aspects to my paintings. I have transformed the canvas into the skin and by this I tried to emphasize the intimacy between myself and the paintings.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

My first project would be to execute large-scale paintings that will engulf the viewer’s visual plane. The paintings will consist of large compositions of cropped detailed images of my body from my own visual perspective. Like a melody of fleshy jigsaw puzzles, the images will be cropped unexpectedly and they will be ambiguously shaped yet embody a fleshy skin surface.

Additionally, I will be working on a separate project involving small objects that read as dolls. The body will be distorted and pieced together awkwardly yet deliberately. The skin will be crafted in detail, mimicking the fleshy skin surface of my painting. I believe these two projects will accentuate each other’s complexity and allow the viewers to indulge in these different visual perspectives.

My Artworks (5)

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