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Seungjae Shin

Born in Korea, Republic of. Lives in: London
Slade School of Fine Art

My work is about the exploration of mediated experiences from everyday objects, events and values mediated specially by digital environment, and how they reflect on our cultural, social and anthropological perspectives. Especially following the impressionist stance that has a vulnerable/versatile eye on external, I try to navigate interior and exterior of digital frame and content to carry them onto painting surface. My approach to painting is to retrace single idea which is unknown but intuitive, unfamiliar but habitual, and vulnerable but insensible, to make them original, neutral and implicative into painting. This is normally obtained by observing back its multiple histories- technically and aesthetically: dealing with old masterpiece, scrutinizing digital screen surface. This process enables me to reshape the digitally mediated experience onto painting surface, producing qualities of contemporary sense that is also another mediated version, which is actual painting. ... [more]

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

I would try to focus on my ongoing project that could be another study on mediated behavioral human pattern and each involved nature of surroundings from different histories and medium.

My current subject was inspired by the story of what Swedish women named Martina Bergman Osterberg did as the first gymnastic educator in England: extended women’s dignity through the establishment of physical movement in sports thus contributed to rediscovering another permanent value of the human body which transcends social and cultural condition.

As it is interesting for me that certain physical change brought out that of human value and this way of mediation have been repeatedly reshaped, I would be questioning the link between the contemporary shape of human behavior/gesture on athlete/acrobatic form and its surroundings particularly in highly contradictable and virtual one.

This is largely purposed to find out how these mediated experiences regain its nature and quality, by looking back similitude in old history, dis/assembling those impressions and re-condensing them into painting.

My Artworks (6)

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