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Sophie Ingram

Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Falmouth
University College Falmouth

My work is a step away from traditional abstract painting into installation. My work is not media specific; it is my Romantic aesthetic which makes my work visually consistent. I am drawn to old battered objects with their own histories, suggestive of a domesticity. I am influenced by literature -Virginia Woolf and the poets T.S Eliot and Philip Larkin. The veiled way in which poetry connects with the viewer is something I recognize within my own work and want to manipulate further in the future. Use of subdued colour, form and abstract patterning are significant within the things I make.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

I am interested in my disconnected relationship with my viewer, the veiled way in which I, as the artist, interact with him or her. In my previous work I have tried to suggest time and place in obscure ways. Now I want to directly play with the tenuousness I have previously employed in conveying meaning. I want to make experiential installations which interact and engage; incorporating elements of search and discovery.
Visually I want to touch on the surreal by using uncanny placement of components. I want to borrow from interior design by the use of the domestic and familiar, for example through manipulating games and household equipment like washing lines and crockery. I want retain my romantic aesthetic through patterns and objects from my own past.

My Artworks (3)

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