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Kira Freije

Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: East Sussex
The Ruskin School of Drawing & Fine Art

Cheeky, intentional arrogance. British in doleful, belligerent humour. The chips are down, forcing a bluff. The work sways between a polemic of its own position and poking fun at elements of the archetypal protagonists that we fall into (the geezer, the try-hard, the art student, the fool.) The trends we adhere to, the snippets of art and design history that are bastardized into submission by domesticity, style and comfort. Playing a game with materials and craftsmanship.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

A particular dialogue has begun to form around earnest, utilitarian design and the disrespect that is served through the amalgamations and transformations that they are churned through. To further this discourse, a sculptural investigation; exaggerating the purity and simplicity of Shaker furniture and exposing the disregard of design and craftsmanship that is akin to disposable, fickle consumption.

My Artworks (6)

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