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Ronin Cho

Born in Korea, Republic of. Lives in: London

I have been driven by a keen interest in how one's ideas and experiences can be communicated to others. I have enhanced my skills and concepts to explore the relationship between kinetic sculptures and media art by investigating the benefits of using technology and traditional media, including craft that is an incalculable process which implements certain estimations built on a personal interpretation, experiences and an understanding of the materials. As society evolves by increasingly adopting new media into everyday life, art should increasingly reflect this progression to remain relevant. The practical application of technology can support the creation of art or be a central component to the formation of it.

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Artist Picture

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My interest lies in between two different spaces: the material/physical world and the immaterial/electrical world. The value of the immaterial is rapidly increasing as technology, Internet and small gadgets are popularised. Accordingly, the dependency on unseen systems and their influence is escalating followed by an alteration of people’s belief and behaviour, especially in communication.
I am a model of a person who has such a dependency on unseen system. However, since I found myself struggling finding where the sincerity is, I despise this unseen system for its illusion and side effects such as its speed of change, which disrupts digestion of thoughts. Then I started to crave certainty in the material/physical world as well as balance between two worlds in this inseparable disparity.
The fantasy of pressing a button is already realised and part of our life; we don’t need to understand how the system works. However, lack of awareness in the behaviour leaves unwanted or unintended marks. And because of the behaviour alteration, the level of consciousness reaches near to the ground. From these changes, I explore the origins of this phenomenon by finding unnoticed parts of everyday electronic appliances.
If I were selected, I would like to continue to make the work; transforming the various characters of those objects and their non-physical status into something sturdy, physical and tangible. By elevating their physical presence to a sense-sharpening tool, I try to provoke a question to the audience: where is our belief in this hurried shifting time?

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