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Emily Platzer

Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Falmouth

“There is nothing more surreal, nothing more abstract than reality.” (Giorgio Morandi) None of my paintings are definitely something; they aim to engage with the materiality of paint and its ability to represent, to find the moment in-between. These paintings are Indefinite and strange, splodges, veils and blocks are made with paint, alluding to or masking the description of something familiar. By engaging with our willingness to find the recognisable, the illusion of something I am playing with the notion of abstraction and representation. Appealing to the faculties of memory and sensation I am image making not of the abstract or literal world, to show the pauses or tipping point within an image The moment in-between is thus both addressing the viewer’s visual consciousness and the painter’s dilemma between the act of painting and image making. “Abstract” and “reality” become just words, captions to an image in order that we may understand its place in the world and ... [more]

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My degree show addressed paints ability to represent, to present identifiable objects in a manner that could surprise, unsettle and humour the world around us. Over the past two years I have been striving to balance this idea with the materiality of paint, the rhythm created between application and observation. The protagonist and resting point of these two concerns has become the genre of Still Life. In a climate of constant change and assertion of contemporary themes and media I am interested in exploring what happens in paintings when other concerns are reduced. Under the caption of Still Life, a rather academic and dusty phrase I have found the discretion and painterly direction to paint objects I think would be nice to paint.
I choose subjects whose characteristics translate well to paint, interested in their colour, glossiness, weight, transparency and how these could be represented by glazes, the viscosity and handling of the paint. Exploring the genre of Still Life addresses our associations towards objects and calls into question our sense of reality, the translation of objects from real space into the abstract space of the painting. I want to understand better this moment in-between, addressing the viewer’s visual consciousness and the painter’s dilemma between the act of painting and image making. Still Life objects become the evidence of time, event and omniscient human presence so what roles can paint play in this narrative. I intend to make two series of work referencing both the Dutch Still Life Tables that suggest domestic disorder and Last Flower Series of Manet, exploring mortality and sensation. I aim to address a historical theme in a contemporary context, to give paint the opportunity to communicate anew with the benefit of hindsight and contend with my own willingness to represent. I want to further explore paints ability to physically conceal, mask, block and reduce figuration within the construction of Still Life arrangements.

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