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Colette Griffin

Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Daventry
Loughborough University School of Arts

I have completed my BA in Fine Art at Loughborough University School of the Arts. I will be involved in both an international symposium and national exhibition over the coming months. At present I volunteer at Surface Gallery in Nottingham. My role is as committee member and coordinator of the exhibitions team. I have been at Surface Gallery since June 2012. The practice seeks to establish a spontaneous, dynamic relationship between material and shape. Using a combination of machine-fabricated and handcrafted components challenge materiality within changing sculpture. Concepts surrounding anti-form have informed the work. Eccentric Abstraction and Post-Minimalism have also been significant. Concerned with non-traditional materials and variables within sculpture, the work uses both hard and soft materials. ‘The resultant forms [are] often fragile rather than robust’ (McDonald, 2008/2009:20). Hence the practice is concerned with ‘tensions between rigidity and malleability... [more]

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

If chosen I hope to develop my explorations of materials again through sculpture. The use of both latex and concrete will remain important as I have established a knowledge of these that I am seeking to further. Inverting their physical presents within the work, as opposed to their use in my previous pieces I will remain conscious of their interaction and the use of shape in considering the materials limitations.

The latex will form in this new piece the solid component of the sculpture, I shall fill a space of an atypical shape with the liquid latex, again coloured with vibrant paints removing it from its raw appearance and lessening its immediate recognition as latex in. It shall be removed from the mould when set. In contrast the concrete shall be spread thinly, I will develop my methods and skills of working with this material seeking to create a fragile component which still exerts a strong physical presents. I shall be working within a studio space to develop my use of this material spreading it along the floor or surfaces it can be removed from and eventually round corners and over obstacles, It shall keep its precarious shape when removed from these initial supports.

The two components will sit side by side in a not entirely predetermined or fixed arrangement, with the latex perhaps taking different forms and appearing as multiples.

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