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Alan McQuillan

Born in Ireland. Lives in: London
Royal College of Art

Through investigating and combining material and objects with existing sites of emotion and function into works of art, Alan McQuillan delves into the originary moment of creativity. Using sculpture, performance, photography and video he exams our made world it’s remnants and our excitement at investigating the wild and unknown.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

A sprawling wave of cuboid planes cut from Copper sheet and etched with Sulphur, would climb across gallery walls in one continuous tapestry, passing through window panes of the building to the outside where the plates become larger and more dynamic.
The shifting surface of copper would take its shape from scans of the river bed of the suez canal.
Like the shards of divinity on a baroque statue in a small Portuguese church, the elemental colour of the metal attracts and rewards those in its presence, enveloping the viewer inside and attracting those who see it from the street.

My Artworks (6)

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