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Johanna Keogh

Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London
Chelsea College of Art and Design

Born in Hackney, London, her artistic abilities surfaced early and was recognized by many. A rewarding career enabled her to travel extensively. After much time spent in the US, she has returned home to London and created a body of work titled: Oops! Out Of Bounds Transgressing Social Boundaries This body of work explores the manifestations of transgressing social boundaries. Often unexpected, the work plays in the area between the obvious and hidden. Stepping over the bounds can cause profound changes in people’s lives and therefore society as a whole.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

For New Sensations, I would like to create a painting on the subject of dating. Over the past few decades, dating has undergone major shifts. Since the sexual revolution, fueled by the pill and the subsequent increase in women\\\'s earning capacity, women seem to have more choices.

Even without their numbers reduced by war though, men are still in the driving seat when it comes to dating. Women outnumber them and there is an abundance of various kinds of easy sexual gratification. With marriage no longer the infallible institution it was thought to be and women still doing 80% of the unpaid childcare, peoples expectations of relationships have changed.

This movement has eroded the traditional male role. Added to that is on-line dating. Commodity dating is nothing new, Jane Austin expounded on it at length, but it has recently taken on a new turn. In a world of matching and comparing, like shopping, are we better off?

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