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Jean Kim

Born in Korea, Republic of. Lives in: London
Chelsea College of Art and Design

As a painter who is fascinated with painting the human form, I want to explore the relationship being naked has on the sense of self of the sitter primarily, how I as the painter of their body is thus implicated in that and also how the viewer then engages with the final painting. What can be revealed through taking off one’s clothes before someone the person knows is at the core of my interest. Trying to capture through painting the relationship between selves (myself and the sitter) and the impact nakedness has on self consciousness is the main focus.

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Artist Picture

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In order to paint and capture individuals' state of being in relation to nakedness, first I carry on interview. Then I start to paint them based on the recorded and written documentation.
So far I have interviewed 15 people and am painting them based on their voice recordings and questionnaire they filled out. By arranging interviews and luring people to imagine how it will be like that they are naked before me in a hotel room, I tried to create a tension between them and me and to capture it, and this was when they became highly self-conscious. I do bring people to a hotel room to physically encounter this nakedness if situation allows me to do so, and if I am chosen, I want to implement this more.

The series of activities, asking people to be naked, interviewing and painting them imagining or looking at their naked bodies is about breaking social boundaries but also about thinking of what the boundaries are in the first place and why. In order to grasp this in real terms, I am looking at individuals right next to me.

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