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Joe Drakeford

Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London
Royal College of Art

I am a recent graduate from the RCA in printmaking and my work focuses on architecture. Before the RCA i studied and lived in Coventry. Coventry, at the time i was there, was furnished by derelict factories and these physical spaces became the subject of my work. After moving to London a new landscape confronted me. A landscape that has a less haptic sensibility then the one i grew up in and this landscape and my discomfort with it has become the focus for my current work.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

Liquid Landscape is a film projection onto a 2-way mirrored model.
The content of the film is made up from recordings of the surrounding cityscape viewed upon the surface of mirrored buildings.
The recordings start off as abstract and seductive and through the film they become more recognizable and there function more dislocating and claustrophobic.
The 2-way mirrored walls that surround the projection screen extend the viewing plane of the images into infinity whilst also referring to an architectural model - one containing a dystopian view of the future.
The installation sets out to critique the external use of mirror in architecture and how that may effect our sense of location within an urban environment.

My Artworks (4)

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