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Jonny Briggs

Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London
Royal College of Art

In search of lost parts of my childhood I try to think outside the reality I was socialised into and create a new one with my parents and self. Referencing the discovery of myself as an individual alongside my need to be part of a social group I question the boundaries between us, between adult and child, love and resentment, expressed and reserved, real and fake in attempt to revive my unconditioned, uninhibited self. Striving to escape my closing adult mind, photomontage helps me to escape normality, look back and re-capture childhood nature through my conditioned adult eyes.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

Being a New Sensation will give me the opportunity to be far more ambitious with my photographs. I am keen to make my own domestic settings from scratch, and paint each individual item within them brightly coloured versions of what they are supposed to be. Through simplifying tones and patterns to blocks of colour I will play to the cartoonesque of my previous work, and push further the departure from the real.

Featuring my Father and self within the images, we shall become like impostors within the cartoon-like surroundings we inhabit. These shall be printed large-scale, encouraging an immersive experience when they are encountered.

This will further be an opportunity to push the production of props to be worn by my Father and I, allowing me to mill altered, up-scaled heads and body parts of my parents from 3D files out of foam, and replicate these in ceramics and glass.

My Artworks (6)

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