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Keke Vilabelda

Born in Spain. Lives in: London
ByamShaw-Central Saint Martins

I see my work as a whole compact thing, which I divide in smaller series. Taking my time to explore them, I never aspire to arrive at any definite conclusions, but play around, providing and arranging different elements, like in a mathematical equation, so the results are altered constantly, being involved in a process of never-ending research. This research has been mainly centered on aspects encompassing sociology and architecture; Usually the trigger is my own experience of being (physical or mentally) in a definite space, however the images I do work with are taken from CCTV and Traffic Cameras, Google Maps, or any other digital media.

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Artist Picture

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The current series (The Long Voyage) is based on images of real and specific places, however, they are perceived as generic and almost mental spaces. The viewer contemplates the scene from the comfort of an all-seeing eye, from an almost cinematographic position; traveling without moving. The low quality and profusion of digital noise in the original images gives way to the ambiguity of abstract marks allowing the spectator to bring their own experiences into the canvas.
These mixed language paintings elicit a wide range of feelings, generating tension between intuitive messy looking, expressionistic brushstrokes and sharp lines or clean fields with an almost minimalist treatment. The material quality of the piece is extremely important to me.

Often I do work really fast, sometimes almost on the spur of the moment and afterwards I make a conscientious selection and reflection. There are certain topics or devices that are appearing to be crucial for the development of this series, which are the ideas of "repetition" and "time-lapse".

I just can say that I would like to keep working with this "diffused reality", timeless and not concrete context...mainly I'm a big format painter, but I do include video and sculpture as supportive pieces.

PS: please note that the MA Final Show at Central Saint Martins-Byam Shaw is programmed for 14th of September 2011.

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