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Tal Regev

Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London

One dominates the other, from a subtle presence to abuse. One sets the rules for the other to live by. I feed you with the air that circulates between us, till we suffocate, as we cannot escape each other. Between subtlety and aggression there is a whole range of colour and circumstance. I focus on the point of breaking. We are partners; both of us holding the tip of a rope that stretches tightly between us. Suddenly you let go, and never look back, I lose my ground, I have nothing to hold on to, nothing to grasp. I am left in the air, I go mad. Currently based in London, I was brought up in Israel. This experience informs my sensitivity and my work.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

The victim enters the catastrophic environment of trauma through the “membrane“ that separates sense from nonsense, narrative from chaos, and reality is torn asunder leaving no boundaries and no guideposts (Kali Tal in Worlds of Hurt: Reading the Literatures of Trauma)

My practice is focused on painting. I’m interested in creating the sense of an open wound. I want to convey its presence as a subtle cry that constantly inhabits ones being, but is not necessarily acknowledged in a conscious way. At times this pain comes to the surface, it seeps out and one has to deal with it. In this way I wish to comment on cruelty in a social context, as well as in basic everyday human relations.

Army helmets and gas masks become part of a circus like scenario, a theatrical and almost ridiculous space where bodies meet and open up a veiled story. Bold and visceral gestures aim to suggest a recognition within the viewer of an over blown, tragic, intimate scene, a self-contained drama.

My Artworks (5)

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