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Can You Love Me a Little Less?

Can You Love Me a Little Less?
Photo Description:
I created an egg carton robe symbolizing the excessive protection I find in my life. My parents and family, loving as they are, have trouble accepting the fact that I am nearly an adult and am preparing to live a life free from their sheltering embrace. I don't mean to sound angsty or unappreciative. I just know that their love has not necessarily taught me all the life skills I need once I leave for college. There is a concept of being "too safe," and I believe that to be very applicable to my life. The comfort of my loving home, loving friends, and loving teachers keeps me away from opposition. It's frustrating. I value criticism because it helps me gain new perspectives and reevaluate myself and my art. Yet, my loved ones protect me from what they deem to be negative. I can't break out of my shell and become a fabulous omelets if I am kept in a cozy container until I rot. (and in order to cook properly, omelets require some heat)
Mackenzie Colby , 17 yrs
Kamiak High School