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No need to hide

No need to hide
Photo Description: Oil on board, 95cm x 95 cm The meaning of this painting can be interpreted in many ways but I see it as a political and social message. Socially the painting is telling us that no one should be afraid of their insecurities and that people should never run away or hide away from them but to embrace them. Politically although the painting depicts a man and a woman embracing each other the painting came together right after the time gay marriage was made legal in the UK. I believe that no one should hide their sexuality or love for one another. The fact that the government has accepted everyones understanding of love means that no one has to hide. the spray painted blue background with white hints is trying to depict this idea of clear skies ahead and that accepting yourself is always the right way to go and once you have accepted yourself others will accept you unconditionally.

Niklas Ferguson , 18 yrs