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The Past Was Now

The Past Was Now
Photo Description:
Children are quite interesting. They are so free, so curious, so unafraid. I admire them and their ability to explore and learn new ideas and activities. I was a complete child five years ago, and now all of a sudden people treat me like an adult. I have responsibilities, I can drive, I have a job, I am going to live on my own. It makes me question just how much different any of us are from our child self. Perhaps on the surface we are a lot different; perhaps deep down we are different too. I can't quite say, since it has been so little time since I ran around the playground (heck, I still do sometimes). To be honest, I don't really want to know just how sad and distant people are from their adolescent past, because to me it is that part of my personality that keeps me content and appreciating life. This is oil on canvas.
Mackenzie Colby , 17 yrs
Kamiak High School