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Beauty is a distortion

Beauty is a distortion
Photo Description:
Within the identity theme I explored the aspect of beauty and how it is distorted in the media. Inspired by Agnes Cecile, I developed my piece using watercolours and incorporating butterflies, as well showing peeling away of the flesh. As a symbol of beauty, the butterfly represent natural beauty, which in human society can be disguised with make-up and airbrushing. One the one side we are presented with someone who expresses natural beauty within, whereas in contrast on the right we can identify with someone who attempts to hide their imperfections on the outside, due to feelings of insecurity. This is symbolised through the hidden curled up figures, implying that they lack self confidence about their appearance. Hopefully overall my piece conveys the distortion of beauty through the media and the insecurities that come with identity or appearance.
Molly Mead , 15 yrs
The Castle School