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Photo Description:
The complexity of the human form and mind intrigues me. Within my work I explore how we as a species have developed and how we interact with others in our societies. Humanity is destructive, to our world, who lives here, and to ourselves. Through my curiosity, I aim to produce work that reflects the individual for who they are and what they have endured. We all experience life differently. I want to feel that through creating my work; to present what makes us human, and what makes us unique. Media and colour form the basis for this; whatever path my work may follow, colour can always be used to represent the soul. But, how I apply this to my ground will be mostly influenced to how I am feeling: about the topic; at that time and about the individual. Due to this my own vulnerability is portrayed along with my subjects, which is created due to a connection I have or purposely don’t with my subjects. Focus represents someone close to me who has been around me for a long time, who I see clearly for all he is. There isn't anything he can hide because I know him so well, the piece signifies this; how I notice all of the little parts of him who many may not and this displays all of those little things for all to see. This is my first work on such a large scale; the piece is 1.56m x 1.2 m.
Sophie Cassells , 17 yrs
Landau Forte Tamworth Sixth Form