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A Tornado In A Drought

A Tornado In A Drought
Photo Description:
A mixed media piece, inspired by the shape of cracks caused by droughts and the colours of the grand canyon. The tornado coming in from the top-right corner is built from layers of polystyrene, to build up a tornado-like shape, it is washed over with a icy blue solution made from ink mixed with acrylic paints, which could also resemble a glacier, through the colour scheme and the shape seen from a level view. The layers can also be seen as waves through the different heights of the polystyrene and the colour palette used. The cracks are washed over with different tones of ink mixed with acrylic paints and the cracks fade into swirls made through string, which resemble waves or wind. The organic feel of the piece is derived from the colour scheme and also the materials used which are quite natural in its texture and colour. The combination of something destructive with the controlled use of materials, implies how natural disasters can also be seen as something beautiful in its own unique way.
Adam Wong , 16 yrs
The Forest School