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Photo Description:
The intricate complexity of memory and recollection is a large thematic aspect in my work. My art is both invasive and exposing of lives unknown and unconnected to my own. Loss of memory is something that terrifies me; leading me to find comfort in commemorating others’ memories. This ensures that their lost and abandoned moments of other’s will be preserved within my paintings. The photographs that inspired this body of work were ones that I found laying in a bin in the back of a thrift store. Immediately I was drawn to these photographs and as I looked through them, my mind began to rationalize them; inventing stories and constructing memories of my own, seeking a connection between the photos and my own life. I was fascinated how my mind was able to fabricate such memories, seemingly out of nothing. As well as how I could feel such a connection to places and people that I have never known. This unconscious connection is what my art is based on. The style of my work also relates back to the distortion of memory. I have isolated only the outline of the photos to be adapted into the painting as well as having several photos overlapping each other within the paintings. This shows how memories are extremely fragile and are changed each time you recall them. Overlapping the photos relates to my mind’s ability to create false memories in an attempt to connect the photos to something in my own life. Memories are an immense part of what makes up a person and my fear is that losing them would essentially lead to losing my whole self. Making these works are a way of teaching and reminding myself, as well as other’s around me, that memories can be persevered.
Flora Aldridge , 17 yrs
Etobicoke School of the Arts