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Photo Description: Recently I have been creating the effect of layered images by using a long exposure. I was initially inspired by Andrew Lyman’s series ‘fleeted happenings’. I started shooting on digital format and the first results were very successful. I wanted to use locations that would show a sense of the subject being lost or misplaced. I wanted the viewer to question the whereabouts of the figure and why they may be there. I decided to not always show the whole figure and succeeded noticeably with this whilst shooting on colour film and capturing my own hand silhouetted below my breath. I moved from digital to colour film. It is challenging to make digital images believable due to the fact that many editing software now exist and allow this type of creation possible with heavy post-production. Therefore I started experimenting with black and white, with the intention of returning to the darkroom to finalise my project and extend my skills.

Oscar McCarthy , 18 yrs

The Thomas Hardye School