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Tie Me Up with Your Words and Leave Me There

Tie Me Up with Your Words and Leave Me There
Photo Description:
While making this piece I thought about consumption, suffocation, of spiderwebs and infections. We are consumed on a daily basis by so much, both abstract and concrete. Our lives can be easily controlled and influenced by what surrounds us. This summer I reached an all time low.I was confused, overwhelmed, unsure of myself, depressed. I felt the pressure of others' opinions all around me and thought of my self/personality being eaten by my surroundings. As soon as I found this concept I knew there had to be an interaction between human and sculpture. Each rope symbolized another opinion. No matter how genuine or kind the opinion was, it still wove into the confusion and pressure. I created a constricting cocoon, much like the food sacs found in spiders' webs, and hung it high above the ground, making it even more difficult for the victim to escape her predator. Either she escapes wounded and exhausted or is trapped.
Mackenzie Colby , 17 yrs
Kamiak High School