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I'm Dreaming But It's Not Working

Photo Description:
This piece revolves around daydreaming and was greatly inspired by Nick Cave. Hi my name is Mackenzie and I have a problem with imagining too much and doing too little. I have all these great ideas, but I do not follow through with most of them. On the surface daydreaming is fun, mesmerizing, and sometimes even exciting. It's sunshine and rainbows and endless possibilities. But, looking down, I'm not actually going anywhere, not actually following through with my thoughts. There is an invisible weight that drags down the daydream; it gets darker. By now I'm nearly immobile because I am so focused on the sky I forgot to check the rest of myself to see if it was following. My mind wanders but my body is sedentary.
Mackenzie Colby , 17 yrs
Kamiak High School