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Summer Ends in September

Summer Ends in September
Photo Description:
This painting represents the turn in my life from child to "adult." I purposefully painted bangs because they are such a youthful haircut. Yet, I kept the rest of her hair tied back to juxtapose the fun with the conservative. The girl on the left has her sleeves rolled up compared to the (same) girl on the right with her sleeves down, again to contrast the lighthearted with the conventional. The gun and the ice cream are from two different worlds. I've reached the threshold of these worlds within the last year. Does society force us into adulthood or do we bring it upon ourselves. Are we society? Is there even a blame? If there is an external force influencing me to lose the playful and opt for the rational, how can I be sure to maintain the child in me? Even if this transformation is an inevitable part of life, this change is not simple or easy. I used oils, acrylics, copic markers, and sharpie.
Mackenzie Colby , 17 yrs
Kamiak High School