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Photo Description: Sight As Perceived Through The Mind of a Blind: This image first started when I became very interested in the idea of the perception of reality, and how reality really is just how we interpret our own subjective experiences. I soon started to wonder how people missing one or more of their sense viewed the world, or how they understood it. What was most interesting to me though, was people who were blind from birth. They had never experienced colour, or shapes, or anything that we experience on a daily basis and that helps mould the world that we know and understand. I wanted to understand how in their mind they imagined the world to look like, as they only relied on touch, hearing and smell. I quickly became fascinated by a YouTube channel called "TommyEdisonXP", which is run by a blind man who talks about various thing such as "Intangible Concepts To A Blind Person". So I decided to create a abstract landscape, which was a fictional representation of how a blind person would imagine a landscape. The image went through many different processes, in which I painted on the direct print with bleach and I also altered the colours digitally.

Lucas Gabellini-Fava , 16 yrs

Dwight School London