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Tung Chung Matrix

Tung Chung Matrix
Photo Description: I travel a lot. Before Christmas last year 2013 I went to Hong Kong to visit my mother's side of the family - Tung Chung was where I was, and while I was there I took some photos the whereabouts of where I live. I liked to capture the space and continuity of the architect pillars creating a Matrix of something becoming smaller and smaller as you look through. The lines which are straight and curved revolving around the composition making a stretched out feel from the photo and leading you into the lonely square part of the photo, making you travel through my work. the Lighting I noticed are artificial and two of different colours making a contrast ALSO the plants VS the man made are placed in different lighting and lines of my composition. Reflections on the glass walls and windows around the back of my photo also adds a nice touch to the lights making it futuristic and Matrix-like. I thought to make this photo nice and personal as part of my collection, traveling is also what I like to do when I travel.

Zoe Hong-Yee McClure , 18 yrs

Cobham Hall