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Photo Description: The subject of this picture is a kid. He represents the innocence and the curiosity. He is looking at what is going around with curiosity and interest while enjoying his snack. His facial expression is not timid but analytic. This is a representative of every other kid in the world, who sees almost everything for the first time. They are young, new to the world and they are exploring everything around. Everything is a new adventure and they want to discover it. Within his figure, I like the contrast between the hard edges of the snack bag, the words in the shirt and parts of the trousers and the soft textures such as the skin, especially in the face and the light hair going towards the direction of the wind. The hair almost looks as thou it was unreal, or as if it was going to disappear once you touch it. His hair is like the smoke that comes from the incense. I placed him right in the middle of the shot on purpose to create balance with the background and divide it into two equal parts. Moreover, I considered specifically the parallel lines of the wood fences and the sea, which again creates equilibrium.

Leah Hinestrosa Avila , 18 yrs

Cobham Hall