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Stop Time

Stop Time
Photo Description: The idea of this picture is to freeze the time. It is part of a series of pictures tackling the topic of ‘Contrast between wealth and poverty’ in Photojournalism. In this picture I want to portray the fact that middle class people are always in a rush, they are like automats. They do what they are told to do and they have a straight direction. Everything is about going to work to be able to pay the bills and survive. Day after day. The same monotony. That is the reason why the time is frozen in this picture. Because they can rush to school or to work, but in the meantime nothing else moves. Everything remains the same everyday while each person think that everything revolves around them. The individuals are always on the move, they always have somewhere to go and that is why they are not in black and white. They are physically alive, but internally dead.

Leah Hinestrosa Avila , 18 yrs

Cobham Hall