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Photo Description: 16' long table made from layered plywood. Lacquered with polyurethane. Pump system installed allows a slow current of water move throughout the piece. Artist Statement: The enormity of the universe is at best inconceivable. Humans have attempted to describe and relay their thoughts on its expansiveness but it remains unknowable. I am interested in how the human brain, as an analytical machine, is unable to process this enormity. When a person reaches an understanding of what the universe looks like I wonder what do they see? How can their understanding be described and how can we connect each unique understanding to form a greater truth or working picture of what the universe is? My works are products of the ways in which my brain has processed the vast multitude of reactions and interactions that make up the universe as I imagine it. Energy flow, of water and electricity, is highlighted in my work as a living metaphor for the multitudinous cause and effect relationships that create current. Through the play with scale, the piece represents the infinitely large spatial and temporal interactions, while referencing minute interactions on an atomic level. This allows the viewer’s focus to be constantly shifting. The use of plywood throughout is a reference to the accumulation of matter and experience over time. My destruction and erosion of this mimics time and the elements as well. This further feeds the ambiguous nature of these pieces and their place in time and space, while the understanding of scale, physically and intellectually, is questioned.

Brazil Gaffney-Knox , 17 yrs

Etobicoke School of the Arts