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Childhood Tapestries: 05,05 5:55am, (day/time of birth)

Childhood Tapestries: 05,05 5:55am, (day/time of birth)
Photo Description: Fabric and thread, 20"x45" These tapestries are manifestations of memories and pieces of my history. Drawing from home videos taken of my brother and I as children, old photographs and personal reflection of my past, I incorporate both the physical and intangible elements of my childhood. On one of the tapestries, pieces cut from the fabric of the couch we had in the house we lived in when I was born, as well as the date that we left that house. On another, the words that I spoke when asked about future ambitions at the age of four. On this one, the day and time of my birth, along with a baby blanket used by both me and my mother as babies. Throughout all them, the idea of recreating a non-physical memory or idea is captured in the fabric, sewn together and flowing as a new entity. The recreation of these things from my past speaks to the growth that I’ve gone through, but the consistency of where I’ve come from.

Meghan Taylor Dunsmuir , 17 yrs

Etobicoke School of the Arts