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Your Childhood, My Childhood: Mortar Shell

Your Childhood, My Childhood: Mortar Shell
Photo Description: Beading on lace, 6"x8" The original idea for this project came from an article that I read about a child in Syria working in a rebel munitions factory. The boy was only seven years old but he had already been exposed to horrors that no person should ever witness in their whole lifetime. This child, like millions of others, is growing up learning about missiles and bombs instead of colours and shapes. The story inspired this series of beaded work, incorporating what a childhood should be and what it really is for many children around the world. The beauty of the fabric and the beads in comparison to the subject matter they portray symbolizes this shift from childhood innocence into the destruction of war. In the end I wanted to honor those children who will never experience a true childhood in the way that I and other children have, as a reminder of the advantageous life I’ve led so far.

Meghan Taylor Dunsmuir , 17 yrs

Etobicoke School of the Arts