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‘Forest’ Lower school Grade 3 & Grade 5 Relief print/installation Learning about what an installation is. An installation is an artwork created specifically for a site. The ‘tree-trunks’ suspended in the NJIS entrance foyer void, exemplify lower-school’s introduction to possibilities of relief print-making in an installation. using graphite rubbings of leaves found around the school. The students have explored tracing-paper, and direct rubbing on construction paper and extending their skill into the art installation medium. Students have discussed the idea of the ‘tree-trunks’ placed between the school values suspended on flags, and considered the metaphorical and poetic association with sustainability values, relating to Global forest preservation. Forest Installation The animals displayed in the installation, are the result of a collaboration between Grade 6 to Grade 10. As an extension of learning to magnify images, and exploring ways we encounter and map public space and design, the Grade 9s have provided enlarged drawings of an elephant, zebra, deer and Papuan tree-kangaroo. In Grade 6 -9, students have been learning about Op art. Their artworks have been used here as animal prints. The students have touched on art-history, design and sustainability issues such as native species protection highlighting Taman Safari’s role. Op art designs connote animal pelts, touching on issues of poaching and endangered species. The art-elective students have been engaged in producing both Op art designs and in the conception and construction of an art Installation as site specific; ‘Forest’ for instance has been designed for NJIS entrance amidst W.E.A.C.T (school values) on the occasion of the Taman Safari community ‘fun-raiser’ event November 14th 2015. Grade 9-10 students Nicole and Fin have curated the animals suspended against these transparent pillars, to emphasize the optical illusion quality of the designs as inspired by Bridget riley and Victor Vasarely. The creative installation quality of the animal outlines against the pillars, by these curators also connotes Taman Safari’s proactive role in providing a quality cage-less environment in which to humanely preserve our animal kingdom. On the reverse of the pillars, the all-black animal cut-out evokes animal confinement in cages.
NJIS upper-school lower-school collaboration , 8-15 Years yrs
North Jakarta Intercultural School