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The are no races

The are no races
Photo Description:
This project was meant to show and evoke the feelings that there is no such thing as “races”. With the recent events that have taken place in Ferguson, Oscar Grant and other similar cases I wanted to create a project shows that no one should be considered a different group solely by the genes they show. No assumptions should be made as there are no differences that actually separate us into another race. All the differences in skin tones just make puzzle piece in the puzzle of humanity. This woman depicted in the light of the lady of justice. I tried to make it seem as though she was created with puzzle pieces that each fit together to make a whole person and without one it would possibly collapse. I painted her a cloudy eye to show blindness to mimic the symbol of justice and to show that we should never see color on a person to determine who they are as individuals.
Kayla , 17 yrs
French American International School